Elytron© Services

Project the future

"The airplane is the symbol of the new age. A new state of modern conscience. A new plastic vision. A new aesthetic". (LeCorbusier)

Our aim is to produce a different way to enjoy flying by creating some of the finest and most exciting aircrafts ever. We aim at offering a new way of enjoying flying.


Tell us your needs

Beat a record, make the airplane of your dreams come true or just suit your taste: by choosing Elytron you can decide every single detail: configuration, performance, materials, fabrics, colours, interiors, instruments, equipment and services. The only two requirements we cannot give up are safety and beauty.


Manned and Unmanned Production

Aircrafts and UAVs, in any configuration, studies and models for customization, equipment for the production of parts and components, aerodynamic researches, style and HMI (Human Machine Interface). The future of aviation is here and, with our prototypes, we are in it.


Wingmen Beyond Human Resources

Airmanship is behind any element we conceive, draw, calculate and build.

Pilots’ experience ¬†is the added value offered by our managers, engineers and mechanics. So, they well know what does it means staying in the air raiding their ideas.