The HD (Heavy Duty) is much more than just an enlarged version of Talisman® S. Talisman® HD is our new turnkey design featuring an even bigger fuselage, a larger wingspan, an even more robust airframe and landing gear, and a military-standard engine and on-board systems.

Talisman® HD is capable of carrying heavy loads and large amounts of fuel (36 lts/9.5 us gal). Conceived to operate in critical environments, it is capable of rapidly ascending to high cruise altitudes.

Engineered to perform long range and long duration missions such as SAR or government operations, it is well suited for border control, law enforcement, intelligence operations, etc. With a ceiling of 31,000 ft and a range of up to 18 hours, Talisman® HD is the right tool for any critical operational environment. All wrapped up in an integrated and compact solution.

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The Talisman® is an innovative family of innovative UAVs featuring one of the best weight/cargo ratio in its category.

The fuselage features an easily configurable and accessible cargo bay.
This means ample space available for fuel, sensors, avionics systems and data links.


Our power unit is located in the center of the aircraft. It moves a pushing propeller ensuring the highest aerodynamic efficiency. Our power unit is equipped with generator, dedicated silencer, ECU, ignition and electronic injection. This ensures that fuel consumption remains among the lowest in its class.


The wing profiles have been specifically designed to ensure the best aerodynamic penetration and performance. Due to the tandem wing configuration, Talisman® is a stable platform and inherently resistant to stall and spin. And, despite its compact size, it can lift more than twice its empty weight.


Our aircraft is made of aerospace grade carbon fiber and epoxy resin to ensure high structural strength. Due to this type of construction, we can ensure a long operating life and an easy assembly and disassembly in the operations area. The robust landing gear allows you to operate from semi-prepared surfaces. Talisman® can also be launched using a dedicated catapult.


Mission planning is available thanks to the development of software dedicated to Talisman® which ensures the maximum ease and flexibility of use at all times. Operators can at any time take manual control of the aircraft. Talisman® can be equipped with a wide range of sensors and cameras allowing the platform to carry out missions at night or in BVLOS conditions.


Technical features

Fixed tandem wing with pusher propeller.

Performances depends by the configuration (short or long range, standard or heavy lift, engine, generator, data link etc) The following data are just for reference:

  • Length270 cm / 106 in
  • Wing Span340 cm / 134 in
  • High84 cm / 33 in
  • Empty Weight37 Kg / 81,5 lbs
  • Maximum Take Off Weight70 kg / 154 lbs
  • Useful Loadup to 33 kg / 73 lbs
  • Minimum Oprational Speed90 Km/h
  • Max level speed230 Km/h
  • Best endurance speed120 Km/h
  • Ceiling9500 meters/31.000 ft at minimum payload
  • Flight endurance>up to 18 hours
  • Power Plant11hp two stroke engine, fuel injection, electronic ignition, altitude and temperature automatic compensation, separate lubrication metering, 750W generator