We engineer simple and robust structures with the client's needs in mind. Our turnkey projects are developed with an integrated construction and assembly system in mind. That is why our projects are conceived to exceed the expectations of the most demanding customer and cover a wide variety of applications.


This concept is what allows us to continuously enhance the quality of our turnkey projects.

We recognize that a new project may not always go from the drawing board to the finished product as planned. That's why we work closely with aircraft pilots, engineers and customers to always get the most out of our platforms. That' s our approach to deliver a fully integrated turnkey project and a reliable aircraft family.



We have extensive experience in developing groundbreaking solutions and dedicated, unconventional aircraft.

Our highly skilled team of professionals is one of our strengths. The use of state-of-the-art software and hardware and careful research and experience of individuals is the key to developing high-tech aircraft. Cooperation with some of the leading companies in the industry enables us to deliver breakthrough solutions in sensors, remote control solutions and the development of proprietary power units. This makes it possible to constantly push our projects beyond the limits.



Quality is the starting point to always achieve an excellent finished product.

Quality means to us pushing ourselves beyond customer satisfaction. Elytron's team implements a working standard that ensures a finished product of outstanding quality. We integrate skills and solutions to better meet the ever-changing needs of market and customers.