The Elytron Aeronautica EXPLORER is an optionally manned, medium altitude UAV designed for strategic missions.

Elytron Aeronautica presents EXPLORER. An aircraft in the 750 kg (1.650 Lbs) class with excellent performance and aerodynamics. Fully in-house engineered, it is the perfect platform for strategic surveillance, intelligence operations, border surveillance and communication relay, environmental analysis, weather damage assessment, humanitarian aid delivery.

Thanks to its high-volume airframe, it features plenty of space for electronics and fuel. It can also transport airborne cargo and can operate for long periods in the operations area. Manufactured with the usual care for details and made of aircraft-grade materials, EXPLORER is a highly efficient, flexible and optimized flying platform.

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The Explore can be fully equipped according to your particular needs.


Technical features

Fixed tandem wing

Performances depends by the configuration (short or long range, standard or heavy lift, engine, generator, data link etc) The following data are just for reference:

  • Length691 cm / 22,7 ft
  • Wing SpanSpan 859 cm / 28.1 ft
  • High305 cm / 120 in
  • Empty Weight400 kg / 882 lbs
  • Maximum Take Off Weight750 kg / 1653 lbs
  • Useful Load Up to350 kg / 771 lbs
  • Minimum Operational Speed90 Km/h
  • Max Level Speed120 kts (222 Km/h)
  • Best endurance speed120 Km/h
  • Ceiling7000 meters / 20000 ft
  • Flight endurance up to 12 hours
  • Power Plant150-200 hp (112-150 Kw).