Elytron Aeronautica provides turnkey projects from design to engineering to flying prototypes. Our company is capable of providing complete assembly lines and training the client's production staff.
Established to create unconventional multi-role airplanes, Elytron bases its work on these key principles:
Mission Performance

We are focused on performance to stay at the top of our class.

Accurate Engineering

Each component is the outcome of accurate studies and extensive static and dynamic tests. All that we make is the result of reason, calculation and passion for getting things right.


We implement cutting-edge aerodynamic solutions and test them thoroughly. That's what enables us to deliver best-in-class performance.

Latest Technologies

We always employ state-of-the-art technology and the best aerospace grade materials to deliver a product without compromise.

A matter of aesthetics

We work to give shape to the air. Non-conventional lines and shapes designed with performance in mind. This is written in our DNA.

Our remote control platforms can be adapted to suit the client’s specific requirements, covering a wide range of applications.